Block Toilet Drain could be a huge inconvenience. Thames Valley Drainage  are available 24/7 to sort out any blockages that are affecting your drains.and help you to how to unblock a toilet in uk.

Causes of Blocked Toilet

There are many factors that contribute to a blocked toilet and here are the most common of them. The most common material that causes a blockage are excess toilet paper or miss use of wet wipes. Too much toilet paper or wet wipes dumped for  single flush can cause a blockage in toilets.

In addition other factors can also contribute in causing a block drain. These can be in different forms. Some examples are, build up of uric or limescale, poorly fitted pipework or the wrong type or diameter of pipework.

Sometimes the blockage could be further down the pipework. An external blockage causing your pipes to the backlog and appear to be blocked at the toilet.

Why Thames Valley Drainage

Thames Valley Drainage carry all tools and equipment to be able to assist your needs. The average cost our customer pay for a blocked toilet is £99.00

With every drain clearance we provide a detailed description (where possible). Detailed description includes the cause. and will also provide our best advice on how to unblock a badly blocked toilet.

What to do when toilet is blocked?

Some people advise putting drain unblocker, vinegar and baking soda combination, bleach, dish washing soap or a range of other chemicals down the toilet to try to clear the blockage. Here at Thames Valley Drains we don’t recommend using any harmfull substances and will never use these our self.It is neccessary to know how to unblock a toilet in uk and how to eliminate the issue from happening it again.

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