Sometimes you find that the problem you have is a bit more than just a blockage.It could be collapsed drainage.  At  Thames Valley Drainage  we always recommend looking at the condition of the pipes and correcting faults before they get to a collapse stage. For example CCTV surveys can identify  faults in system that can lead to a collapse if not dealt with early.

Causes Of Collapsed Drainage

There are many factors that contribute to a Collapsed drainage and here are the most common of them. Ground movement and settling, overhead traffic movement e.g. drains on driveway for cars etc. and outside influences such as roots activity,

Drain deterioration usually starts with small cracks leading to fractures in drainpipes that can further develop into breaks, deformation and holes and eventually a total collapse making the drains unserviceable. They can occur in both plastic and clay pipes. Pitch fibre can also be affected by deforming first until the pipe gives way totally.


Thames Valley Drainage carry all tools and equipment to be able to assist your needs. The average cost our customer pay for a CCTV survey to ascertain the condition of your drains is £120.00. This will identify potential areas of concern and enable  to make an informed choice as to  best course of action.

Detailed Description with each Survey

With every survey we provide a detailed description (where possible). Detailed description includes about cause and  will also provide our best advice on how to eliminate issue from happening again. There are many solutions to repairing pipe faults including no dig technology. If however the collapse as already occurred we can recommend the best excavation method to rectify.

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