Drain excavation involves the physical digging of a trench or hole to provide direct access to certain areas of your drainage solutions.A simple blockage may not be the only problem contained within your drainage system. At  Thames Valley Drainage  we always recommend looking at the condition of the pipes by using cctv survey. Cracks can cause leakage and if too close to the property damp and possible subsidence if not dealt with.

What makes a drain Unserviceable?

Cracks in drainpipes can further develop into fracture then breaks, deformation and holes and eventually a total collapse making the drains unserviceable. They can occur in both plastic and clay pipes. We can carry out drain repairs by several different methods.

Using No dig Technology

These days we try to avoid costly excavations and the inconvenient disruption to the ground service, gardens and driveways that comes with it. We prefer where possible to use no dig technology such as short line patching for one fracture to Cured-in-place repairs (CIPP) for multiple occurrences along a run.

Factors of Drain Excavation

Sometimes however we need to carry out the traditional drain excavation. Depending on the depth we can excavate down and replace/repair the damaged section of pipe. There are many factors of drain excavation such as ground type, above ground obstructions and other service cables and pipes. The last item makes it important that the area of the proposed excavation is thoroughly scanned before any dig is started. Sometimes a mechanical excavator is used presuming access is possible and other times a simple hand dig will suffice.

Most drains rely on the gravity system to work effectively. It is therefore important to get the correct fall to enable the drain to work effectively. The pipe internally must also be smooth and three from snagging. Sometimes we would use a combination of excavation and lining.

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